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Our System

At BMA, our system is American-Filipino Kun Tao. A unique blend of techniques ranging from striking, judo, ground fighting and tactical training with weapons and empty hand. The main focus of American-Filipino Kun Tao is self-defense. Bergamo’s Martial Arts has produced multiple World Champion Martial Artists, World Record Holders and Community Leaders. Training at BMA is more than just learning how to kick and punch. It is about self-confidence, discipline, reinforcing quality character traits and being a part of a community and family!


Our School

Bergamo's Martial Arts (BMA) has been paving the way for students of all ages to find their true potential through it's Martial Arts and fitness programs. Each student's reasons for attending, and their goals in training vary in many ways. At BMA, we are well aware of this, and work with each student so they can achieve their full potential and gain the most from their training.

Our children's programs instill self-discipline, respect, and focus, as well as the physical fitness and self-defense aspects associated with Martial Arts training. We believe in a proactive approach to building a strong foundation for our younger students to build on over the years. The positive image our instructors project to our students, and the constant encouragement, support, and interaction with the student and parent alike, are very important in building the strong bonds we have here at BMA. This can be seen from the moment you walk into our studios, or observed at an open event. 

We have worked with children and youth groups with various challenges, such as: troubled youth, A.D.D., overweight, low self-esteem, lack of coordination, and children that feel they don't fit in anywhere. BMA takes pride in the leaps and bounds we have helped to produce in such groups; from the troubled youth who starts to gain an identity and finds self-respect, to that child with low self-esteem whose parents watch proudly as their child stands tall and executes techniques in front of a gymnasium full of people. Your child is important to us and we want them to be the best they can be; in the studio, at home, and in life!

Our adult practitioners make up a wide cross-section of society. From the blue collar worker, to law enforcement professionals, to full-time mothers, to the avid athlete. Our adult programs provide: positive stress release, a creative exercise platform, the empowerment of "Real-Life" Self-Defense skills, and unity not found in other social arenas. For adults especially, it's not about just kicking and punching. We work with you to get the most out of your training at BMA, while giving you the opportunity to excel to the level of your choosing. Whether you are in it for exercise, self-defense, or to become a "World Champion" (a title which we are proud to say that many of our students hold), we can help you achieve your goal!





8th Degree Black Belt in AFKTF

Training Since 1972

Grand Master Bergamo started his Martial Arts career in 1970 under Grand Master Rossi in the “Brooklyn” section of Waterbury, CT. At that time, he was also the first and a long time student of Master David LaBonte. Some of his other instructors were Master Bosco, Larry Barberi and Mel Hebert. The “Hard” style of Kun Tao was the only was that was taught, and many of Grand Master Bergamo’s fellow students never made it to the Black Belt level. Grand Master Bergamo also trained in the art of Tai Chi Quan and Ta Chi Quan Sword under Grand Master Chun-fang He, in 1990.

In 2009, GM Bergamo set the World Record on ESPN2 US Open of Martial Arts with 6 coconuts broken with a chop 10 seconds. In 2007, he was featured on the Discovery Channel Time Warp trailer on breaking coconuts. In 2005, he set a World Record on the Jay Leno Show with 9 coconuts broken with chop 20 seconds. In 2003, he took 2nd place Black Belt Lightweight Power Breaking (concrete) in the Martial Arts World Games III, Columbus, OH.



5th Degree Black Belt in AFKTF

Training Since 1991

World Record Holder for Heavyweight Power Concrete Breaking



3rd Degree Black Belt in AFKTF

Training Since 1997



3rd Degree Black Belt in AFKTF

Training Since 1996

Multiple World Champion in Breaking & Self Defense



3rd Degree Black Belt in AFKTF

Training Since 1997

Multiple World Champion in Breaking & Self Defense



3rd Degree Black Belt in AFKTF

Training Since 2001



3rd Degree Black Belt in AFKTF

Training Since 2004



2nd Degree Black Belt in AFKTF

2018 World Champion in Women’s Creative Breaking

Training Since 2005



2nd Degree Black Belt in AFKTF

Training Since 2002

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1st Degree Black Belt in AFKTF

Training Since 2004